Well, you see because of increasing number of writing companies we made rating of them!

Without the presence of the consumer, commerce would not have been possible. However, the way he or she decides on what to spend his or her money hasn’t changed a bit over the years. Every consumer expects to find at least tangible information he or she can rely on when making buying decisions. In the old days, what the consumer relied on for the information they needed to buy products/services was the consumer report magazine. They also relied on word of mouth, friendly recommendations, etc. to shop effectively.

With nearly everything being sold online, the consumer depends on the Internet for answers to the questions he might have about goods and services he is supposed to buy. This includes information contained in consumer feedback reports, customer reviews, and other sources. There are a few industries that do not share a lot about their customers for potential consumers to take note of. Essay writing companies belong to this group.

What student consumers should do to get good essay writers

When they are buying essays, student consumers can find it extremely challenging to get a good writer for their essays. The main reason for this is that the major essay writing companies don’t have open platforms like a majority of e-commerce websites they’re accustomed to. For them to find good essay writing companies, they need to dig deeper into their research to find true gems.

Why reviews should matter to a student

Most buyers make mistakes whenever they buy off the whim. They have no past experience to go with into buying situations. For the students to buy solid essays, they must conduct proper research into different service providers.thenewritz.com understands that students lack proper information needed to differentiate between various essay writing companies. That is why we have created this website to not only guide students in their options, but to also help them differentiate between service providers.

Not to regret in the end that you have chosen the bad writer, watch the video!

How the site works

Once students have used different essay writing companies for their essays, we ask them to write their feedback on this website. This mainly reaches us in the form of a rating and comment. Once our teams have analyzed the feedback, we are able to come up with a list of top service providers consumers can trust with their essay writing needs.

We also ask experts on board to write a summary review of each services to verify the authenticity of each service that has been rated by the students.